Established 1981

The California Forest Soils Council is organized to encourage a more widespread understanding that soil is the basis for the production of forest wealth — timber, forage, water, wildlife and recreation values. The philosophy and purpose of the Council is:  (1) improve transfer of useful soils information to working foresters, forest land owners, and users;  (2) encourage development of forest soil science and integration with other resource information.

The Council is interested in fostering among technically trained people and laymen alike the following concepts:

1.      Soil is an integral part of the forest — no crop can be considered without considering the soil that produces it.

2.      Surveys of the forest soil resource should be encouraged to provide a useful basis for better understanding of the land and extension of knowledge gained from research.

3.       Increased forest soils research is vitally necessary if we are to maintain production of substantial values Acceleration of research should be accomplished by increasing studies of the soil itself, and by including soils investigations in other pertinent research in which the soil has not already been considered.

4.       Soil science and its application should be strongly emphasized in all forestry school curricula. Every student in forestry and allied subjects should be impressed early in their training that the first concern should be for the productivity of the soil.

5.       Education of the public in the concepts expressed herein is necessary to the achievement of a high-order development and management of forest lands.