Every year, CFSC awards a scholarship to a student involved in soil science and/or forestry in California. Please email Lia Webb at theproscience (at) gmail.com for more information.

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The Paul J. Zinke Memorial Scholarship was established to encourage and reward excellence in university-level undergraduate study in forest soils, rangeland soils, or wildland soils in California. This scholarship program commemorates Dr. Zinke and his impact on education, soil science, and forestry research in the golden state and abroad. One $1,000 award is given annually to a student who exemplifies the pursuit of knowledge, academic excellence, and interest in forest soils and management for which Dr. Zinke was known. All Application Materials are typically DUE NO LATER than July 4th every year, but check the updated registration form for more details.

Paul J. Zinke was a professor of Forestry at UC-Berkeley.  He was an enthusiastic, animated and versatile teacher who could engage and hold the attention of his audience from intimate field settings to large lecture halls and in his writing. In 1959, only two years after his appointment to the Berkeley faculty, Zinke was awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award. In the 1970s, he developed a survey course, Forestry and Conservation, which regularly enrolled 400 – 500 students.  Zinke’s lectures were fast-moving, richly illustrated, and notable for his capacity to write on a blackboard with his right hand while simultaneously erasing with his left hand to make room for new material.

Dr. Zinke was a gifted naturalist, expert scientist, and one of the CFSC co-founders. He worked in locations throughout California, across the American West, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia. His knowledge of forest and social conditions were often expressed through a repertoire of anecdotes, stories, and case studies. Creative, personable and approachable, his ability to illustrated principles and theories was stimulating and captivated audiences, students, and peers. Paul Zinke was a fascinating person, personable, approachable, creative and conversations with him were exceptionally stimulating. The CFSC proudly honors Dr. Zinke through this scholarship in his name.