One of the unique attributes of SlopeGrowth is the development and custom use of our highly engineered patented soil. The ‘handmade’soil system is stronger than today’s popular choices and aids in the growth of all types of vegetation. Studies show that the success of vegetation on a cut slope is dependent on a soil base of 12 inches or greater to retain moisture. The SlopeGrowth method requires only 4 inches of its blended soil. The SlopeGrowth Soil insures growth of vegetation though natural nutrient release and can hold in excess of 5X the water of natural soil and retain in excess of 5X the water of the other vegetation system. SlopeGrowth Solid is an artificial soil composition that includes peat, granular soil, bio-solids and wood mill tailings is combined with SlopeGrowth Fertilizers. The composition covers a stabilization material which has been secured over the sloped surface. The plants grow in the layer of artificial soil which has an increased adhesion to the inclined surface because of the stabilization materials interaction with the formula used to make the SlopeGrowth Soil. The secret of the SlopeGrowth success is found in combining the SlopeGrowth Artificial Soil formula, the SlopeGrowth fertilizers, the Specified Stabilization Material, and the Patented Application Process. The systems works together to produce increased plant growth, retain water to a greater extent than regular soil, and successfully eliminate erosion problems without causing environmental hazards resulting from the leaching of compounds in the runoff water.